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Caring for children is probably the most important thing of the society. It is suggested that all mothers and fathers should be required to take the childcare training programs. To what extent do you agree or disagree?
With the background of globalization, an increasing number of people advocate that international news should be set as one of formal subjects at secondary school. However, some educators argue that this course are time-wasting. From my perspective, I believe that this proposal is far beyond reasonable.
Admittedly, on the cultural level, studying international news is a good way to deepen and broaden students’ knowledge. This is because a wide range of information that included in international news are able to stimulate students’ ability of creative and critical thinking(students’ creativity and critical thinking). To be(More) specifically, those information can be transferred into vivid examples and supportive ideas when students write their essays and assignments, especially for those who major in Liberal Arts. However, as for students who major in Science, studying international news is probably unimportant to them. This is because(The reason is that ) more experimental and theoretical knowledge are required in their subjects rather than the latest news.
On the other hand, in terms of school budget, it is reasonable that some people consider it as a waste of time. As people all know, operating(running) a school is an assiduous work that cost a large sum of money(冗长). And(and是并列连词,不能位于句首) school is responsible for distributing(分配钱这个叫allocate) limited budget to all useful aspects. If international news is added to students compulsory courses, a large amount of money will be spent on teachers’ salary and equipment investment. Consequently, the budget for other aspects such as library extension, classroom refurbishment and landscaping likely be cut down. Therefore, an international news curriculum is not beneficial for schools and students.
In conclusion, an international news course possibly benefit(benefits) some students in Liberal Arts major. However, it is a heavy burden on school and students. It is reasonable if the course is arranged as a selective one.

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版权申明:本站原创文章,于2018年4月12日18:08:36,由 思语国际 发表。